Your family’s financial journey begins here.

A personal, fiduciary, guided experience that will forever change your relationship with money.

Climb your own financial mountain with the help of a professional guide, coach, advocate, and friend.

We all have dreams for the future.

Whether those dreams involve raising a family, owning a home, starting a business, retiring in health and comfort, or giving of ourselves and leaving a legacy, these are the things that get us up each day and push us forward.

Without a workable plan to reach them, however, our dreams never become goals. Instead, they remain mere hopes and wants, and we depend on luck and chance to reach them.

The journey we take in life toward those goals is very much like climbing a mountain, and your biggest goals are the peaks of that mountain.

It takes effort, time, and planning to climb a mountain.

You need the right tools and training, discipline, and commitment. It’s most helpful if you have a guide who has been to the top many times, to lead you past the danger spots, point the way when you get lost, and even carry the load at times.

And you need checkpoints along the way, to make sure you’re on track and are prepared to take the next part of the journey.

Here’s what our clients have to say…

Check out what our clients have to say about us!

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Our Values

What makes nVest Advisors your ideal partner?

Invaluable experience

We’ve been doing this for over 15 years and have gone through bull and bear markets, economic booms and busts, growth periods and recessions. We have seen it all and can navigate your portfolio through good times and bad.

Timeless knowledge, in today’s times

We use a combination of timeless knowledge and technological innovation to guide your portfolio. We value continued learning and are willing to adopt new thinking, systems, and methods to time-honored and proven money management concepts.

Modern in approach

We were doing Zoom way before you had heard of it. We are paperless, communicate via text and email, and can provide a completely virtual client experience for you, no matter where you are. While we welcome you to visit our office in Colorado Springs, you’ll never need to.

Excellence and integrity, for everyone

We believe in providing the best service, all the time.  We’re inclusive of people of all backgrounds and income brackets, especially of those typically left out by traditional firms.

Radical, proactive transparency

Nothing is more important than honoring the trust clients put in us, which is why we believe in radical transparency and proactive, no-spin communication with our clients.


We believe in making money management inexpensive, easy to understand, and most importantly, genuinely beneficial for our clients. More than anything, we try to make financial planning and investing fun and approachable.

Our Services

For all of your financial, investment, and wealth management needs.

Fiduciary Investment Management

We want to help you meet all of your investment goals and dreams, no matter the size of your portfolio.

  • Managed investment strategies, always. We never set and forget, we create and actively work on your personalized portfolio and automatically adjust for the real world as it changes.

  • Individualized experience, with an earnest commitment to give you a great customer experience. We tailor your portfolio to your needs and are always open to your feedback.

woman growing money

Holistic Financial Planning & Coaching

We will set you up for financial success by creating a plan to meet your financial goals, and then help you implement and adjust your plan as you go.

  • Customized plans for clients in all stages of life, from fresh college grads to folks nearing retirement.

  • Expert setup of plan recommendations, ongoing education and advice, and more, all at a low cost.

A Wealth of Financial Education

Financial education, lots of hand-holding through tough times, and even more education features coming soon.

  • Group client events packed with concrete, actionable information for your goals and needs.

  • Four meetings a year just for you to discuss your investment portfolio, learn a financial concept in more detail, update your goals and objectives, or just deepen your understanding of markets and the current economy.

How does it work?

Here’s what you can expect when you become a client of nVest Advisors:

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