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Comprehensive wealth management for everyone

High-quality, low-cost investment management and financial planning for people of all backgrounds and income brackets

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Investment and financial planning, for everyone

nVest Advisors provides high-quality, low-cost fiduciary investment management and financial planning services to people of all income brackets to help them achieve financial independence.

About Us
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Our investment methodology

  • Data-driven macroeconomic approach: We look at how the economy will impact our Core+ portfolio, adjusting the percentage of investments in things the economy will favor, eliminating losses as much as possible.

  • We do not follow trends for trends’ sake and focus on proven concepts and data-driven analytics. At the same time, we value education and commit to keeping our knowledge current.

Our Values

What makes nVest Advisors your ideal partner?

Invaluable experience

We’ve been doing this for decades and have gone through bull and bear markets, economic booms and busts, growth periods and recessions. We have seen it all and can navigate your portfolio through good times and bad.

Timeless knowledge, in today’s times

We use a combination of timeless knowledge and innovation to guide your portfolio. We’re innovative and willing to adopt new thinking, systems, and methods.

Modern in approach

We were doing Zoom way before you had heard of it. We are paperless, communicate via text, and Zoom, and are completely virtual for your convenience.

Excellence and integrity, for everyone

We believe in providing the best service, all the time.  We’re inclusive of people of all backgrounds and income brackets, especially of those typically left out by traditional firms.

Radical, proactive transparency

Nothing is more important than honoring the trust clients put in us, which is why we believe in radical transparency and proactive, no-spin communication with our clients.


We believe in making financial planning easy to understand and comfortable for the client. More than anything, we try to make financial planning fun and approachable.

Our Services

For all of your financial, investment, and wealth management needs.

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Investment management

We want to help you meet all of your investment goals and dreams, no matter the size of your portfolio.

  • Managed investment strategies, always. We never set and forget, we create and actively work on your personalized portfolio.

  • Individualized experience, with the best customer service. We tailor your portfolio to your needs and are open to your feedback.

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Financial planning

We will set you up for financial success by creating a plan to meet your financial goals.

  • Customized plans for clients in all stages of life, from fresh college grads to folks nearing retirement.

  • Expert setup of plan recommendations, ongoing education and advice, and more, all at a low cost.

Financial education

Check out our webinars and trainings on becoming more financially savvy with your investments. Coming soon.

  • Personalized courses packed with concrete, actionable information for your specific goals and needs.

  • Webinars introducing you to industry concepts, economic trends, and more, so that you can DIY your investment portfolio.

How does it work?

Here’s what you can expect when you sign on to be a part of nVest Advisors.

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I’ve been with nVest for 4 years. Great personal service. Prompt answering of any questions or concerns. Sound advice!

Chris S.

Great company! Easy to work with. Excellent customer service!!!! Explained everything in terms I could understand and made it very simple for me to work with. I would recommend to everyone! Thank you so so much!

Tiffany B.

As a young professional just starting my savings and career Jeremy has been a wonderful mentor and advisor. He truly cares for his clients and I trust him and his advice. From holiday cards to zoom conversation about my financial goals for the future Jeremy and his work is truly appreciated and valued. I am excited to be his client for many more years to come!

Kristen G.

Quick responses when I need help. Great advice on where to put my extra cash. I love this company.

John R.

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