August, 2016 | nVest Advisors

Podcast 6: 9 reasons to fire your financial advisor

So you've been working with a financial professional for a while, but things just don't "feel right" anymore. Maybe the advisor is inattentive, or maybe you're just not seeing the results you'd hoped for. How do you know when it's okay to overlook some minor issues, and when it's time to leave? Here are

Podcast #5 – 6 tips to help avoid Ponzi schemes and fraud

They seem to be in the news every day: investment managers, insurance agents, and stockbrokers found guilty of  Ponzi schemes, theft, fraud, or mishandling your money. Lives ruined. Fortunes lost. Though there is no sure way to avoid every scheme out there, common sense and a little bit of insight from nVest Advisors' CEO Jeremy

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