Autumn Office Hours & Holidays 2018

A quick note to let our clients know of our office hours during the coming two months. Market Holidays Investment markets, banks and government agencies are closed Monday, September 3 for Labor Day, and Monday, October 8 for Columbus Day. nVest Advisors will be closed in observance of those holidays, as well. Additional "No Appointment"

403(b) Plan Changes: Is It Time to Switch Retirement Plans?

403(b) Plan Changes Is It Time to Switch Retirement Plans? Traditionally, most nonprofit organizations that offer a defined contribution retirement plan to employees have sponsored 403(b) plans. However, new regulations for 403(b) plans have led many nonprofits to consider converting to a 401(k) plan, the defined contribution plan most widely used by for-profit businesses. Established

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Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

Developing Your EmotionalIntelligence Relationshipswith clients are central to every law practice. Clients may seek youout because of your technical expertise, but they are unlikely toretain your services unless they develop a rapport with you.Similarly, no law practice can operate effectively withoutsubstantial cooperation between partners, associates, and staff. Theability to relate well to others and to

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Examining Robo-Advisors: What real investors need to know

ExaminingRobo-Advisors What real investors need to know Robo-advisors are getting lots of accolades lately as the noble purveyors of inexpensive financial advice for the average person. And traditional advisors, the thinking goes, supposedly ignore that average person. Nonsense. The robo-advisor concept suggests that advisors, the flesh-and-blood kind you meet with personally, overcharge and are only

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Health Savings Accounts: A Tax Efficient Health Insurance Alternative

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