Our clients have a lot to look forward to in 2018, and we’re getting ready now!

If you’re an nVest Advisors client, please keep reading this important blog post. (And if you’re not yet a client, what are you waiting for?)

During January and early February every year, nVest Advisors conducts our Annual Client Review meetings. These are critically important “state of the relationship” meetings, when we get to review your account performance, update your personal info and account beneficiaries, review your risk tolerance, make changes to your strategy, etc.

No matter when during the year you became a client, we start each year fresh with an annual review in January.

2018 will be an especially important review appointment, because we’re making significant changes to your experience as a client, and it’s crucial that you understand how things will be different going forward.

Here’s (quickly) what’s changing, and how our Annual Reviews will incorporate these changes.

nVestor LifeCycle Planning

All of our focus going forward will be about helping you set, stay focused on, and reach important financial milestones. We’re financial planners, not merely investment managers, and it’s important that we make sure you are going somewhere positive, not just your accounts.  So we will be all about goal-setting in 2018.

Based in part on your age, goals, and investment assets so far, we’ll place you into a planning process suitable to where you are today (we call them nVestor LifeCycles). The idea is to help you focus on your immediate personal financial goals, while at the same time helping us educate and inform you about general matters that are important to clients like you.

For example, all of our younger clients who we consider “Early nVestors” will need more information about life insurance and debt management than our more seasoned “Established nVestors“, who might need more info about estate planning and tax management. Clients in the middle, “Emerging nVestors“, will be retirement focused in a big way.

Getting you in the right “LifeCycle” helps us keep the things we talk about with you much more relevant and informative.

Here’s what each LifeCycle will enjoy:

  • A set schedule of phone or video calls each year to review your progress toward your personal goals (we’ll notify you when it’s time to schedule your check-up call).
  • Your own customized client newsletter  based on your LifeCycle (plus we’ll have 9 other optional newsletters for very specific interests).
  • Once each quarter, we will focus our phone calls and emails to you on just one specific financial need for people in your LifeCycle. This will help us make sure we’re “covering all the bases” for you financially.
  • You’ll also be invited to a webinar once per quarter, just for you and other clients in your LifeCycle, on the topic we’re focused on.
  • We’ll provide outside experts and resources, when necessary, to make sure you’re knocking this quarter’s subject off of your “to-do” list.
  • Each LifeCycle will have additional supplemental blog posts here on the nVest Advisors website.

We’ll give you much more information about the LifeCycles for 2018 in your annual review appointment.

Better Account Performance Info

Starting in January, you’ll be able to see your account performance at any time in our Client Portal. You’ll also begin receiving a weekly email showing you changes in your account values.

Proactive Billing Notifications

We’re unifying the look and feel of our advisory fee notices, instead of relying on the delivery method of the custodian who holds your account. Your advisory fee notifications will show up in your portal, regardless of where your account is held.

A brand new, always up-to-date Financial Plan

We’ve switched from old, complicated, paper financial plans to a simple online planning process, so we can update and work on your goals together throughout the year. You’ll start this process at your annual review appointment.


We’re really excited to get this new process started, and we’ll begin in earnest at your Annual Review Appointment. Here’s how to get ready for that appointment:

  1. Annual Review Appointments need to be completed between January 2 and February 17 if at all possible. Please respect our desire to get your new client experience started early in 2018. (It’s also important for us to do the best job possible for you, and it meets our regulatory requirements).
  2. You’ll be emailed an invitation to schedule your annual review. You can meet with us by phone, video, or in person. For 2018, all annual review meetings will be an hour in duration.
  3. Before your appointment, you’ll receive a series of emails asking you to complete various forms. These forms, all fillable online from your phone, tablet, or computer, will update our information about you, give us a new Risk Tolerance for 2018, and lets you give us feedback about your experience as a client (and what we can do better). Please complete them BEFORE your appointment.
  4. You will also receive, if you haven’t by now, an invitation to access the Client Portal and Online Financial Plan. We will make sure these are set up and working for you before you leave your annual review appointment.
  5. You’ll get an email reminder ahead of our appointment.

Special note to South Texas Clients: 

Jeremy Torgerson will be in the Rio Grande Valley to conduct in-person annual review appointments from January 20 – January 23. If you would like an in-person annual review appointment while he’s in the RGV, you need to book it now. Appointment times on his RGV visits fill up quickly and he’s going to have a completely full schedule this trip. (Next trip: July)


We’re super excited about 2018, and we think you will be, too! See you in January!