Over the past six months, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes with a team of marketing talent to update, refine, and repurpose nVest Advisors for the new and challenging economic world we’re facing today. We sincerely hope you’re enjoying the new website, logo, technology and features at nVest Advisors, but we’ve changed much more than just our image and “brand” over the last two years.

For example: over a year ago, our firm switched from managing your money using traditional investment models focused only on a long-term strategy and mixing together investments to meet your risk tolerance and time horizon (you’ll see these very commonly at our competitors as strategic, “% of stocks / % of fixed income”, portfolios). Managing client accounts through the Covid-19 pandemic made us realize that there are better strategies, that are usually reserved for high net worth and institutional clients, that intervened when things become volatile. This means that the “big guys” are protected while most of the rest of us just suffered through watching our nest eggs and savings massively underperform, sometimes for years.

We decided that enough was enough: if the large investors can manage money to mitigate the risk (and even take advantage of) market and economic turmoil, then so can we. Our clients deserved nothing less than that. So we made a fundatmental switch away from the way 99% of advisors manage money, and switched our approach to take into account the macroeconomic events in our world today. We now¬† follow very specific investment rules that don’t ignore what’s going on around us, but in fact positions ahead of time for it (our strategy is now technically called “data-dependent macroeconomic” modeling).

What this means for our clients is this: instead of just investing in the textbook-defined “right mix” of things that generally do well together over 10 or 20 years but may not offer you much short-term protection during sustained market downturns (like what we are experiencing today), we’re adjusting your investments to match real-world economic events as they happen.

There is always something trending up and always something trending down in the world markets, and our strategy is to have you appropriately invested for your risk preferences to capitalize on what the world is actually experiencing, in real-time. This means we are making model changes much more often than in the past and focused as much on minimizing your short-term losses as we are working toward your long-term gains.

This change is just one of dozens we’ll highlight in upcoming blog posts, but another change that relates directly to this is that starting October 17, 2022, we will be starting each week with a macroeconomic outlook post and video for our clients. You will find it posted here, on our blog, and then shared more widely through our various social media channels.

Keeping you informed both of what’s going on in the world, as well as how it’s affecting our analysis and investment strategies is just another way we hope to be truly and aggressively transparent for our clients. We hope you’ll tune in!