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We are passionate about serving our clients and believe everyone deserves high quality financial advice.

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Jeremy Torgerson, RFP©, MRFC©

CEO | CIO | CCO | Senior Financial Advisor

CRD# 5546264

An entrepreneur since his early 20s, Jeremy transitioned from being a small business owner to a financial advisor in 2008 after seeing the devastation the Great Financial Crisis had caused to so many of his friends, business associates, and family. He began his career with Edward Jones Investments. In 2011, he formed the independent financial firm Palo Alto Investments in Brownsville, TX, with a mission to help small business owners and other working families in one of the most financially distressed areas of the nation.

Watching the financial industry evolve, and seeing how new technology could improve your experience as a client, Jeremy decided in late 2015 to reinvent Palo Alto Investments into nVest Advisors, a low-cost, high-tech, (mostly) virtual, no-commission and fully fiduciary financial firm that is designed to help average people, not the already very wealthy.

A Denver native, Jeremy moved his family back to Colorado in 2017, and nVest Advisors now serves clients all over Texas, Colorado, Kansas and Utah, and we’re eager to expand the firm into new states!

Jeremy lives on the slope of Cheyenne Mountain overlooking the city of Colorado Springs, where our company headquarters is. He and his wife Kari have been married since 1993 and have two grown children (and two fur babies). His son, Joshua, recently joined our firm as a financial advisor.

When Jeremy’s not in the office, he enjoys acting (yes, really), podcasting, golfing, Denver Broncos football, an old episode of Star Trek, and hiking the beautiful Colorado back country.

Joshua Torgerson

Financial Advisor | Compliance Support

CRD# 7809785

Joshua joined our firm in early 2024 as a Financial Advisor and supports our existing financial planning and investment clients, as well as working directly with our new clients in Colorado. Josh graduated from the University of Texas-RGV in 2016, at the age of 20 and on academic scholarship, after being accepted to the University’s Math and Science Academy for his final two years of high school.

Before joining nVest Advisors, Joshua worked as Lead Classroom Instructor and State Driving Test Examiner for DriveSafe, a Colorado-based drivers’ education company with several locations in the Denver Metro area.

Like his dad, Josh is a lifelong sci-fi and fantasy fan, and even built his own full-size functional Dalek (Dr. Who fans know) from scratch while in high school. At the age of 28, Josh brings a helpful and discerning insight to the work we do for our Millennial and Gen Z clients. He also serves in a second role as our firm’s Compliance support team member.

Joshua and his wife, Anjelika, have been married for 5 years and reside in Lakewood, Colorado.

Austen Rubino

Operations Assistant

Austen joined our firm in October 2022 and has become one of our most important team members. He oversees our bookkeeping, tax, audit, and file maintenance as well as supervises the daily work of our interns.

Clients will definitely get to know Austen as he keeps us all organized and meeting together regularly, and supports the rest of the team as we work to serve our clients’ diverse needs.

Prior to joining us, Austen graduated from the De La Salle University with a degree in Accounting Technology. He also has previous insurance industry experience and worked for five years as a junior accountant.


What can we expect from your financial education offerings?2022-08-22T16:34:43-06:00

Over the next few months, we will be releasing courses, webinars, and trainings offering financial guidance, investment knowledge, and actionable and specific recommendations. All of these will be virtual and accessible to everyone in the United States.

Are there any income or minimum portfolio requirements for your services?2022-08-22T16:17:04-06:00

No, our investment advisory services do not have any income or minimum portfolio requirements. For our premium investment advisory services, we have a $100K portfolio minimum.

I already have a financial plan. Can you help me implement it?2022-08-31T01:36:49-06:00

Yes! While every client’s scenario is different and we reserve the right to review before we commit to a service, we highly recommend signing up for a free audit so that we can provide additional insight and start implementing it.

What can I expect from your financial planning services?2022-08-31T01:40:53-06:00

We discuss your financial goals, your current lifestyle and expenditure, your current accounts, and more. Then, we will devise a tailored, action-based plan, which will include details on spending and saving goals, what types of accounts to open, and much more.

I’m worried about an upcoming recession. What can I do to secure my portfolio?2022-08-22T16:12:36-06:00

Our investment methodology takes into account macroeconomic trends and adjusts portfolios accordingly. What you can do depends on your portfolio makeup, your risk appetite, and other factors.

For those with managed portfolios, we recommend scheduling a call with your investment advisors to understand the specific impact to your investments.

For DIY investors, we recommend understanding how sectors you are bought into will be impacted by upcoming economic trends and adjusting accordingly. For specific tips, you can check out our blog here or Jeremy’s personal blog at Think Like a Rich Guy.

What can I expect from my free consultation?2022-08-22T16:06:27-06:00

You will meet with Jeremy for 30 minutes. This will be an introductory call, where you will discuss your background, current financial status, financial and investment goals, and current investment portfolio, if you have one. Jeremy will provide high-level opinions and recommendations about your goals and your portfolio. This will be a high-level discussion and will not go into specifics but will give you a rough idea on next steps and action items to meet your goals.


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