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Tax Reform: here’s what you need to know

The tax reform law passed last month has received a lot of media coverage and a lot of differing opinion, but we haven't seen too many articles that cut through the spin on both sides, and clearly explains how it will affect the returns of working families and individuals. That's why we're happy to offer

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What should I know before I take money out of my retirement account?

As we write this from our new headquarters in Denver, Colorado, we're expecting 3 inches of snow, on the 18th of May. It's supposed to be springtime, and for the most part, it is - flowers have bloomed, trees are full of leaves, the grass is green, but in the middle of what should be

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Special Event: Christmas Coffee Club

To celebrate the season, we've decided to add a second Coffee Club get-together for December! Join us TOMORROW, December 16 at 9am, for coffee, Christmas cookies, and a quick market update. With the strong possibility of a FED rate hike, major drops in oil prices, and nervous markets, we'll be talking about how to stay

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