Client Referral Network

Over the years, we’ve developed great friendships and working relationships with other professionals in other fields, that may be useful when our clients have needs we don’t serve here at nVest Advisors.

We’ve compiled a list of professionals with whom we’ve developed a collegial, reciprocal, or solicitor relationship, for your convenience (and continue to update it). Of course, as our client, you always have the absolute right to use whatever professional you want for any service (and if you find a great one, please share your experience with us). But many times during our relationship with our clients, the question of who they should work with for other services comes up often.

We do this for several reasons:

First, because we sincerely care about how our clients are treated by other professionals with whom you do business. Also, because we strongly believe in supporting other small businesses in our communities. And finally, we know these professionals well and are confident that they will treat our clients in an ethical, professional manner.

Below is our current list of recommended providers, by trade and by state. In the interest of full disclosure, the nature of their professional affiliation with us (if any) is also disclosed (for example, if they provide us a referral fee or if we refer clients to each other, you’ll know about it up-front).


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