One of the challenges we are always facing at nVest is how to communicate with our clients in ways that are frequent and meaningful without becoming too frequent and a professional version of “TMI”.

After all, we know that you all have busy lives, and that’s one of the fundamental reasons you’ve hired us to do your planning and investment management.

So in 2018, we’ve experimented quite a lot with different communication frequencies, styles, and formats, and based on what we’ve learned so far, here’s how we’re going to communicate with you in 2019:

  1. Most of our clients receive a weekly performance email on their investment and other financial accounts, and we always communicate with you when there are activities in your accounts that need to be reported. That won’t change.
  2. Instead of the random, “breaking news” kinds of emails we have been sending, we’re switching to a monthly “magazine” email of happenings here: operational notices, videos, podcasts, webinar invites, suggested reading, and commentary/insights on the previous month’s markets and economy.  (And you can always access this info as it’s posted, and not wait for this digest, by checking the nVest Blog.)
  3. Periodic formal Client Alerts will be sent as needed, and a single monthly newsletter will be sent to our clients and prospective clients (and also published to our new financial education app, “MyWealthAdvisor“. We experimented with providing several different newsletters in 2018 (based on your interests), but the engagement rates weren’t there to justify the effort and expense.
  4. A quarterly focused newsletter on one specific financial subject, based on where you are in the nVestor LifeCycle. This will include audio, video, and printed resources, and a dedicated webpage on the nVest Advisors website you can reference at any time. Also, you’ll get a chance to discuss it with a quarterly advisor check-in.
  5. Some clients have opted into a weekly economic update email, which we’ve sent out for almost a decade now. That will continue.

So that’s it: except for account-specific and client service communication (like annual reviews), and unless you’ve opted into more, most of our long-term clients will start receiving 2 emails a month and one focused financial topic a quarter. (We should note that our plan is to combine the monthly digest of firm activity with the generic client newsletter later in 2019, to even further reduce the extra “noise” from us.)

We hope that as we clean up the communication from us, and make what you DO get more important and relevant, you’ll meet us in the middle, and actually read it more often. Knowledge is power!

As always, we welcome your feedback and responses. Let us know how we’re doing.