Our clients know that innovation in our services is one of the driving forces here at nVest Advisors. We also care deeply about providing the very best investment options available to our investing clients, at the lowest possible cost we can achieve in our business model.

With that spirit in mind, we’re thrilled to announce to our clients that we have partnered with DFA | Dimensional Fund Advisors, and, where it will benefit you, will incorporate DFA funds into many of our investment models in the coming weeks.

DFA is unique among investment fund families in many ways, but perhaps the two that matter most to us at nVest Advisors are the academic, research-based approach to investing, and the seriousness with which DFA strives to lower your costs and taxes as they work hard to achieve consistently better long-term performance than their peers and benchmarks.

With over 40 years of exhaustive research to find proven, repeatable and scientific factors that improve your investing experience long-term, by an army of highly-respected PhDs, university professors and Nobel laureates, DFA uses a unique investment approach that seeks to use the data available to all market participants, and incorporate it in new and innovative ways.

Their results speak for themselves.

Because DFA believes strongly in the benefits having a financial advisor has for the investing public, you cannot purchase DFA funds unless you work with a financial professional. And not every investment manager and financial advisor is even permitted to use DFA funds for their clients – we had to undergo an intensive screening process, as well, to make sure the philosophy and investing principles at nVest Advisors would be a good fit for DFA funds.

We’re pleased to have “made the grade”, and very happy to be able to bring the quality, consistency, and proven science of DFA to our clients.

If you have any questions about DFA funds or our future use of them in many of our investing models, please let us know!