Employer-Sponsored Plans

Employer-Sponsored Benefit Plans Made Simple (and Inexpensive!)

If you own a small business, you know how important it is to hire and keep good employees. To plant their feet and develop in a company, an employee needs to know their contributions are appreciated, and that they have the financial rewards necessary to meet their lifestyle needs.

You also know how expensive, burdensome, and complicated offering retirement plans and other benefits usually is.

It doesn’t have to be this way. nVest Advisors specializes in helping the small to medium-sized business provide high-quality benefit plans to employees, relieving the business of fiduciary responsibilities, and cutting plan costs wherever possible.

Whether you are a company needing a 401k with profit share, a self-employed professional wanting a SEP IRA, a start-up business who can’t yet afford a plan but want to offer employees an IRA through payroll deduction, let us give you a competitive bid on a plan for your business (or replace your current one).

But we’re not just ready to help for-profits, either! If you are a church, hospital, charity or school district needing a 403(b) or 457, we’re good to go.

Check out the info below, and for much more about our advisory services for employer-sponsored retirement plans, be sure to visit our small business website, just for you!

Let the professionals at nVest Advisors work with you to create a low-cost, full-featured plan for your business.  Here’s some of the features we offer:

Ever thought you could run your retirement plan from a phone app? For many of our small business owners, you can!

At nVest Advisors, we, like you, realize the amazing benefits good technology can bring to the bottom line. That’s why we partner with several investment platforms and custodians who utilize state-of-the-art tech to make your experience – and that of your employees – as simple as buying on Amazon.

From digital signatures to open accounts, to online webinars and education for your employees, to custom portals and more, we’ve got the technology to make your employer plan simple and easy to use, for everyone.

The push across the country to create and enforce a standard Fiduciary Rule, especially for employer-sponsored retirement plans, will force investment and insurance companies to act as a fiduciary to you and your plan (and many of these firms continue to fight to get this rule thrown out).

But at nVest Advisors, we’re different. We decided – voluntarily – to be full fiduciaries for all of our clients, from Day One. In our minds, that was the only way to do our job right.

As your “all-in” partner for your fiduciary responsibilities to your employees, we’ll work hard to make sure your plan meets the stringent (and evolving) regulatory requirements:

  • We’ll review your plan’s investment options with you once a year, to make sure they are still proper and inexpensive.
  • We’ll review the plan’s implementation and execution annually to make sure it’s fairly presented and passes eligibility tests.
  • We’ll work closely with your Benefits/Payroll staff and your Third Party Administrator to make participant transactions happen smoothly.
  • We’ll be the go-to party for employee questions and concerns about the plan and their accounts, including helping them make proper investment decisions, reviewing their risk tolerances, and providing on-site and online educational opportunities for them, on a wide variety of personal finance topics.
  • Much more!

Photographer: Vladislav Reshetnyak, pexels.com

Plan costs are one of the major areas regulators (and plaintiff’s attorneys) focus on when scrutinizing an employer-sponsored plan, for a very good reason: expensive plans rob employees of significant account value over time.

At nVest Advisors, one of our primary objectives is to lower plan costs whenever possible. We do this by partnering with investment platforms and custodians with very competitive prices, and by making sure the investment options you offer your plan participants are both high-quality and as low-cost as possible.

Whether you use one of our preferred low-cost custodians, or you have your own, we can work with you to maximize the value of the plan for both you and your employees.

Let us see if we can make your plan work harder for you and your employees.

At nVest Advisors, we take financial education very seriously.

That’s why we host a totally free, always-online financial education website, nVest Academy, where you can learn a huge amount about personal money management without cost or obligation (or even logging in).

Our free webinars cover a wide variety of subjects that matter most to families, working professionals, and small business owners.

We’re on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more, to connect with and share financial know-how with you, no matter how you like to connect.

And if you’re a podcast lover, our “Money n30” podcast is available on iTunes or Android devices (or just listen at our website, here.)

For our small business retirement plans, we go even further, including biannual on-site visits to provide financial education for your employees, and give them time for one-on-one consultations with a financial advisor, free of charge. It’s just one of the many ways nVest Advisors strives to put you and your employees first.

Your team wants a lot from their benefits plan. You can’t just offer an investment option anymore.

In a recent survey, 401k plan participants said coaching and personal advice was the #1 thing that would make their 401k experience an excellent one. We do that, and so much more:

  • Your employees will have access to their plan details, forms, and a lot of education on our website just for plan participants, nVestMe.Com.
  • We have our own smartphone app, MyWealthAdvisor, to give your team financial knowledge, calculators, alerts, even mini-webinars, right at their fingertips.
  • Up to four on-site visits by your plan’s advisor every year, to provide group coaching and teaching sessions, and private face-to-face time for your staff to visit with a financial pro for 401k service needs.
  • All retirement plan participants receive free or reduced-cost financial planning services as part of your advisory agreement with us.
  • Much more!