Later in your life, work should be a choice, not a requirement.


At some point, most people would like to reach the point in their lives when how much you work, where you work, and how long you work becomes optional.

The problem is, you have to do things now to make that goal possible later.

nVest Advisors wants to take the hassle out of creating a financial “life plan” for your family or small business. For less than some financial planning software (and far less than your average financial planner’s fee), you can have a plan custom-made for your family by a financial advisor.

And the best part is, you pick the plan you want, so you don’t pay for more than you need.

nVest Advisors offers three different ways to hire us for financial planning (and it’s always free for clients who invest with us) so you can pick the one just right for you.

Are you ready to begin? Let’s start by seeing how ready you are already. Take 3 minutes and complete our free “Retirement Readiness” calculator. 

Answer many of your own questions for FREE.

Why pay an advisor for answers to basic financial questions? If you have general money questions, such as:

  • How does an IRA work and what’s the difference between a regular and a ROTH?
  • What are our options to save for college?
  • How does my money grow over time at different interest rates?
  • How much insurance does my family need?

… you’re in luck!

For general financial questions and those eager to learn on their own time, we’ve created nVest Academy. A totally free, always-online financial education resource, where the most common questions are answered in plain English.

At nVest Academy, you’ll find articles, calculators, videos, lots of To-Do checklists, and even online seminars on a wide variety of financial topics. Plus, you can keep up-to-date on upcoming free education events sponsored by nVest Advisors.

It just might become your favorite online financial resource. Visit nVest Academy today!

A financial plan that grows as you do.

Our LifeCycle nVestor Financial Plan covers most family financial planning needs, including college savings and retirement. For as low as $99 and a subscription of $29 a month (with a 12-month commitment), you can have a professional financial plan and a human financial advisor to guide you through your financial needs and goals AS THEY HAPPEN.

Our LifeCycle nVestor Financial Plan gives you a guide and coach to help you tackle life’s challenges  – as they occur – for an extremely low price (and it’s free for clients who invest with us).

Want more info?

Hire us only for as long as you need us.

Do you have some specific financial questions about your personal or business finances, or need a more complicated financial plan? Work with us by the hour!

Whether you need a review of your current portfolio, a business succession plan, an impartial review of your insurance or annuities, or other, basic needs, you can hire us (and come back as often as you like), for the extremely competitive price of $159.00 per hour.

And as a fiduciary, we promise to make best use of your time (and money). From a complimentary phone session to assess your needs, to using technology and off-time collaboration with you wherever we can to reduce your cost, we’re committed to provide the best value we can for our planning clients.

Schedule a free, no hassle 15-minute phone call with an advisor today to discuss your needs and concerns, and see if nVest Advisors is the right planning firm for your needs, both today, and in the future.

No surprises on bigger planning projects.

Some planning projects can be very complex, involving the input of tax, legal, or other professionals. Others, like implementing a company 401k under new DOL Fiduciary laws, may require several appointments and a lot of “behind the scenes” time for your advisor.

Doing it right doesn’t have to be an open-ended expense. For larger or more complicated financial planning needs, nVest Advisors can set a fixed price for you for the entire project, eliminating the uncertainty of hourly planning and consulting fees.

Each flat-fee project is reviewed and negotiated individually, but in all cases, the way to start is to schedule a free, no-obligation 30-minute phone or video meeting to assess your needs. If we believe we can help, we’ll propose a written bid for your planning or consulting project. Once you agree, we’ll go to work for you!