Starting in January 2018, all of our clients are able to participate in a brand new financial planning program we’re very proud of: the nVestor LifeCycle. (You can read more about this concept here and here.)

Once each quarter, we’ll post here on the blog, and in an email directly to our clients, the financial topic we’re tackling this quarter, for all clients in your LifeCycle. Each quarter, you’ll get the opportunity to learn about a financial topic, strategy, or product need for people in your LifeCycle. We’ll send you a topical email with lots of material to review, an invitation to a group webinar on the topic, and our follow-up calls to you each quarter will allow us to discuss, in detail, your individual need (or not) for this quarter’s topic.

You’ll also notice something different starting this month regarding our client newsletters. In addition to the quarterly newsletter specifically for your particular nVestor LifeCycle, you can subscribe to up to 12 different newsletters, on different topics and with different publication schedules. We’ll cover more about these in your upcoming Annual Review Appointments. (And to get things started, we’ve already subscribed you to the ones we think are best suited to you already.)

For the first quarter of 2018, here are the financial topics we’re tackling in each of our nVestor LifeCycles:


What is Bitcoin, and should you invest in it? We’ve received a lot of requests for more information about the newest investment fad. Join us in late January for this timely webinar (watch your email or check our Events calendar for more info).

Emerging and Established nVestors: 2018 TAX STRATEGIES

Just in time for 2017’s returns, and in preparation for 2018! In mid-February, we’ll go over the new tax laws and give you some tax-saving strategies for more affluent and/or wealthy investors with a special guest CPA. Watch for your information on this special webinar in your email, or check the nVest Advisors Events calendar for details.

See you in 2018!