What can you say after you’ve been in the financial services business for seven years, but you just pushed the “reset” button on the whole thing and started again?

You say, “It’s about time.”

From my earliest days working for a large regional firm, to my four years as an independent dually-registered financial advisor, I knew instinctively that something wasn’t quite working in the world of personal financial advice.

Maybe it was the old business model : “smile and dial” doesn’t work in the days of Do Not Call lists.

Maybe it was the old style of money management: “buy and hold” isn’t keeping up with global markets racing at the speed of light.

Maybe it was that what we were told was the “safe” investment (high-quality bonds) turns out to be not so safe.

Maybe it was the overly restrictive rules most broker/dealers have that forbid us to reach out to you in precisely the way you want to be – social media, podcasts, webinars, YouTube.

Maybe I just simply realized that you can’t really build a business in this industry anymore by doing it the way it was done in 1975. Young people seem to agree with me – our industry has a very rough time recruiting young people to come do this very important and noble work. Why? Because they can’t operate the way they know they need to, to make it work. The old guard is slipping away, but they’re still doing the hiring.

And so, with this revelation in mind, comes nVest Advisors.

A different firm. An edgy one. One that practices its core beliefs. One built with fairness in mind. One built for average, hard-working families, not the billionaire. A firm where technology and human advisor partner up to give you the best of both worlds. One where goals matter, principles count, your faith is honored, and your trust is earned.

It’s a great new day in financial services. We’re happy to be here.