Whether you are looking for a cost-effective investment manager or a full-service financial planner, nVest Advisors has a solution for you.

Though every client have has a unique life story to tell, we find that most clients can identify as one of the following main groups of clients:

Beginner nVestors – if you have few or no investments and “normal” financial concerns (like managing debt or building short-term savings), getting started and keeping things simple (and inexpensive) is the right way to go. Our “nVestMe” program provides you with investment management and professional guidance, with no minimum deposit, and best yet- our advisory fees are never more than 0.70% per year (for Level One service).

Individual nVestors – you have been saving at work, bought a home, have some debt, and are raising a family. You may have investments that need to be consolidated and financial goals you’d like to achieve. If you’re like most of our new clients ,you sometimes feel like you have no plan or direction with your finances before we meet. Whether you are a working professional like an educator (we specialize in teacher retirement, by the way), a small business owner, or an employee of a major company, you feel you would benefit from more active involvement from a financial advisor and want a working, personal financial plan. No minimum investment is required, and our advisory fees are never more than 1.25% for our Level 2 client service.

Custom nVestors – For clients with advanced planning needs or large portfolios seeking very active, personal management of your accounts, our third level of service is just right for you. Choose your own custodian, create custom strategies and portfolios, and personal management of your accounts, with only a $25,000 account minimum and advisory fees never higher than 1.65% in Level 3 service.

Faith-Based and Social Conscience Investors – Many of us would like our deepest convictions to reflect in all areas of our lives, including our investments. If you have causes you are committed to, ask us to craft a custom investment portfolio to help support them.

Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans – does your business have a SEP or SIMPLE IRA, 401k, 403b, 457, or other employer-sponsored retirement plan? These plans have become more complicated recently, and the new Department of Labor fiduciary rule means you have added responsibility to watch the plan’s efficiencies and suitability. Let us give you a competitive bid to become the financial advisor on your plan!

Financial Plans Only – If you need a financial plan but don’t have an investment account, or do all your saving at work, we can help you! Depending on your plan’s needs, our low-cost, online financial plans are created with a financial advisor for a one-time, all-inclusive fee. And compared with most financial advisors, you’ll save potentially thousands of dollars working with us – basic financial plans start at just $99.00.


Please see our Client Disclosure Brochure (SEC Form ADV 2A) for more information about our services and fees.