Insurance doesn’t have to be expensive or confusing.


Insurance is actually one of life’s simplest concepts. So why should buying an insurance policy be one of life’s most complicated ones?

At nVest Advisors, we believe insurance is a vital part of a family’s and a small business owner’s financial plan. The problem is, buying insurance can be complicated and expensive. The paperwork seems endless. Your agent treats your questions and concerns as “sales objections”. It’s hard to figure out what your costs will be. It often feels more like you’re being sold something that is better for the agent and insurance company than it is for you.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Let nVest Advisors help make this process simple and easy.

First, as part of our financial planning process, we’ll help you determine the right amount of insurance you need.

Then, armed with our impartial recommentation, you are free to shop for your insurance using any provider you wish, or use our insurance partner, LLIS.

LLIS is an insurance agency whose agents are paid a salary (not a commission) and whose only clients are investment advisor firms like ours.

Using LLIS allows nVest Advisors to stay “in the loop” on your insurance policies and annuities without compromising our commitment to remain commission-free fiduciaries working only for you.

Neither nVest Advisors, LLC nor any of our advisor reps receive any referral compensation or commission from your insurance purchase at LLIS. For more information, visit LLIS’s client website.