Jeremy Torgerson, MRFC® | Founder & CEO

  • Married father of two.
  • Avid blogger and award-winning actor.
  • Lousy left-handed golfer. Loves Denver Broncos football and Colorado Avalanche hockey.
  • Lifelong Trekkie

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“Success isn’t always pretty and life isn’t always going to be a smooth ride. Once I had to fly very early in the morning for a job interview. I dressed in the dark, so I didn’t wake up my wife. I got all the way through airport security before I noticed I was wearing different one black shoe and one brown shoe.”

Jeremy Torgerson and family

Prior to his time in investment management, Jeremy and his wife were small business owners in Colorado, owning and operating two restaurants and a large independent video store.

Financial planning became his calling after the economic downturn that began in 2006 with a cascade of home foreclosures near Jeremy’s businesses in northern Colorado. Jeremy realized that, like his own family, there must be many other small business owners and working professionals out there who were trying to “go it alone” financially, and in trying times, might be failing for lack of a plan.

In a complete change of profession, Jeremy began his financial advisor career with Edward Jones in 2008, with a mission to help small business owners and other working families.  In 2011, he formed the independent financial firm Palo Alto Investments in Brownsville, TX.

Watching the financial industry evolve, and seeing how new technology could improve your experience as a client, Jeremy decided in late 2015 to reinvent “Palo Alto Investments” into nVest Advisors, a low-cost, high-tech, no-commission investment and financial planning firm.

In 2017, Jeremy moved his family back to Colorado, and nVest Advisors now serves clients in both south Texas and throughout the state of Colorado.


Jeremy as Randle McMurphy in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, Camille Playhouse, May 2015

A trained speaker and former professional actor, Jeremy still takes the occasional acting job when his time permits, most recently portraying a modern-day Jesus in the Christian mini-series Unconditional Love. He narrates audiobooks for Audible, and hosts two financial podcasts, a marriage podcast and a new local politics podcast. He was also a featured actor on the stage at the Camille Playhouse in Brownsville, and across the metro Denver area.

When he’s not in the office or on stage, Jeremy enjoys a round of golf (badly), cheering on his beloved Denver Broncos, blogging on a variety of subjects, including financial and investment topics, running a marriage success blog with his wife, Kari, hitting the warm south Texas beaches and hiking the hills of his beloved Colorado, or traveling with his family. Jeremy and Kari have been married since 1993, and have two grown children.

“Our mission is never just about money. Money is just a tool.  Our goal is to help our clients realize their hopes and dreams. That’s what success is – being able to live the life you dared to dream about.”