The nVestor LifeCycle®: a plan that grows with you.

Does a 25 year old accurately imagine life at age 70? Are they worried about the cost of long-term care, or not outliving their savings?

Does a 55 year-old, worried about retirement, have a strong need for college savings or a plan to pay down student loans?

Unfortunately, for most people who hire a professional financial advisor, a “whole life in one glance” financial plan is what they end up with. The problem with this kind of a plan is, life changes, sometimes overnight. A plan that is supposed to take you through the next 40 years can be totally irrelevant tomorrow if your life takes an unexpected turn.

Our approach at nVest Advisors is very different.

Instead of delivering (and making you pay more for) an over-blown, complicated, one-size-fits-all financial plan, we come alongside you where you are in life, and deliver the financial plan you need, when you need it (and not confusing you with more). We focus on getting the phases of your life right, not planning all at once all the way to the end.

We call it the nVestor LifeCycle®;  it’s a financial plan that grows with you.

Here’s how it works:

After our initial fact-gathering meeting, we help you determine where you are in your financial “lifecycle”: how close you are to major life changes like retirement, how complicated your investing strategy needs to be, and what your goals are. Then we place you in one of the “nVestor LifeCycles”, based on what you need right now.

As time passes, you achieve early goals and refocus on the next phase of life, you change LifeCycles, and a whole new phase of planning begins.

It’s “just in time” financial planning – never too much too soon, and never too little too late.  It helps you stay focused on what matters to you right now. Whether you are an Early nVestor, an Emerging nVestor, or an Established nVestor, we’ll grow with you, making course corrections along the way.

It’s just another way we’re working hard to be the Next Generation of Financial Advisor.

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