Meet the Team

Jeremy Torgerson, RFP®, MRFC® | CEO & CIO

Jeremy is the founder and CEO / CIO of nVest Advisors. He’s also a husband, dad, dog-dad, hard-core Trekkie, part-time actor, blogger, and podcaster. After owning and operating his own Italian restaurants, Jeremy says he’s a “pizza snob” and is always on the hunt to find the world’s best pie. He and his wife Kari also owned and operated a large independent video store and their family often communicates in random movie quotes. He lives and runs nVest Advisors from a mountain overlooking Colorado Springs, CO.

Jeremy began his financial career in banking in the 1990s and then joined Edward Jones Investments in 2008. In 2011, he formed an independent financial practice that evolved into nVest Advisors in 2015.

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