Just a quick entry today, to let our clients (and prospective clients) know about some additional services coming up in April:

The totally-revised financial education website, nVest Academy, will roll out on or around April 1. This special stand-alone site will offer live and pre-recorded webinars, a brand new podcast, and a host of other resources presented in plain English, for a wide variety of money topics. Whether you want to learn more about estate documents, how to maximize the potential of your 401k, how to invest in stocks and learn tactical analysis for picking stocks, or many other subjects, our library of growing content will be something to keep your eye on.

Access to nVest Academy will be available for purchase ala carte or for a monthly subscription fee for the general public. It will be totally free to nVest Advisors investing and financial planning clients for the duration of your relationship with us.

(nVest Academy will also host the monthly training programs that are part of our new financial planning service, nVestor LifeCycle. More on that in an upcoming blog post.)

Our advertising website for business retirement plans, nVest Business, is online. It presents our offer of becoming the financial advisor and fiduciary of a company plan direct to business owners.

And the sister site to nVest Business is nVestMe. It’s specifically for those clients whose relationship with nVest Advisors is because you are participants in an employer-sponsored retirement plan that we manage.

Make sure you check it: the site is just for you! It provides details about your employer plan, all of the forms and websites you’ll need to know, a massive database of available financial articles, newsletters, mini-webinars, calculators, and much more.

We’ve had our smartphone app, MyWealthAdvisor, online since last July. It provides a direct connection to articles, mini-webinars, videos, calculators, and important alerts that we send out, right to the app! All of our clients have received download and login instructions for the app, but if you need help, let us know.


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And finally, you’re all encouraged to check out CEO Jeremy Torgerson’s personal finance and success blog, “Think Like A Rich Guy”. Whereas nVest Advisors exists to do the financial planning and investing work for our clients, TLRG is designed to help those people who want to do it themselves, or live in an area we don’t serve.

This site took a while to get started just due to all the work being done behind the scenes at nVest Advisors, but it’s up and running with a weekly article, motivational quotes, and its own podcast coming in July. Be sure to subscribe there to keep current on what’s going on!