We’re pleased to announce a revolutionary new way to work with a financial planner: the nVestor LifeCycle® Planning Program!

Many families know they need financial help, but either don’t know where to go and who to trust, or just can’t pay the usually extremely high prices many planners want to charge.

If you’re an “average” American family or small business owner, nVest Advisors was created specifically to work with you.

No neckties, no driving to the intimidating, high-pressure sales office. 

No product commissions or surrender charges or gimmicky approaches to money management. 

Just professional advice delivered by actual fiduciary advisors, at ridiculously good prices.

Whereas many financial planners charge $1,000 to $5,000 or even more for a financial plan, and many commission-paid financial representatives offer only a “needs analysis” (looking for something you need that they can sell you), the nVestor LifeCycle® Planning Program is a full, unbiased, comprehensive financial plan, built by a real, personal financial planner, for a low monthly subscription fee that easily fits into a family budget.

What makes the nVestor LifeCycle® Planning Program different, however, is that your program includes guidance and help to implement your plan over the course of an entire year, with monthly learning modules along the way, to help you grow your Money Savvy along the way.

The nVestor LifeCycle® Planning Program covers all of the important areas of your financial life:

  • Creating a budget
  • Debt elimination planning
  • Retirement (or Work-Optional) planning
  • Insurance needs
  • College savings
  • Secondary goal-setting and planning (vacations, second home, that boat you’ve always wanted, etc.)
  • Basic tax and estate considerations
  • Trusts
  • Net Worth and Cash Flow calculations
  • Investment guidance (risk assessment, portfolio strategy, and optional investment management services)
  • More!

The program is incredibly simple, easy to fit into your schedule, and completely virtual.

And the best part? It’s affordable for working families.

For only $99 to onboard, and $29 a month* through the program’s duration, you get:

  • A personal, professionally-created financial plan maintained online for easy access.
  • Encrypted document storage for all of your important legal, tax and financial paperwork.
  • Monthly check-ins with your advisor to make sure the plan is progressing toward completion.
  • Monthly learning modules complete with video and other media training, learning materials you keep, “homework” for your own plan, and lots of Q&A.

And after the year of learning is over, you have the option to continue to maintain and update your plan as needed – with an advisor’s help –  for only $19 a month!

Interested in seeing if the nVestor LifeCycle® Planning Program is right for you? Let’s spend a few minutes together and find out!

* The program fee noted is for individual households without investment management services with nVest Advisors, LLC. Small Business Owners pay $149 to onboard and $49 a month for the program duration. The program is offered free or at reduced rates to qualifying investment management clients and plan participants. Please see our Part 2A – Form ADV (Firm Disclosure Brochure) for more information.