A company update and personal note from our CEO:

I’ve got some exciting news to share with our clients! Effective March 1, 2017, the corporate and administrative headquarters of nVest Advisors, LLC will be relocating from Brownsville, TX to Denver, Colorado.

I made this decision not because of business reasons, but because of recent changes in my family. As I’ve learned watching the example of so many here in the Rio Grande Valley, family is everything; it’s a lesson I take to heart and relied upon in making my decision.

As for the reasons:

Both my son and daughter have recently graduated (one from college and one from high school) and are finding it very difficult to find work here in the Valley. Also, my wife’s job as a Regional HR Manager for a large retail company has been in jeopardy for the past few years as that company continues to close stores and lay off employees. She has recently been offered a new position as HR Manager for a media firm in Denver. We found it necessary to be in a larger job market to help my children start their adult lives, and for my wife to continue in hers.

And finally, as I relayed in a recent client newsletter, my grandfather passed away this past September, and we’ve taken my grandmother into our home to live, which I am honored and privileged to do. The vast majority of our family, including my grandmother’s eight siblings, are living in Colorado, so it will help us tremendously to help her by having a large group of loving, supportive family close by to help care for her needs.

Technology has improved so much over the past few years that as a client, you will see almost no change in service. Depending on where you are, here’s what you can expect to change:

For all clients:

The office mailing address and my personal cell phone number will soon change, but that is it. The office phone number, email, website, custodians, etc. are all remaining exactly as they are today. (I will, of course, update you on the new office address and my personal cell number as soon as we have them.)

We are adding an online client portal very soon to improve communications and file-sharing with you, and give you one single login for all of your financial accounts (even those not managed by nVest Advisors). Look for that announcement soon!

If you are a client outside of the Rio Grande Valley, Texas:

No services are affected. Those clients in Colorado will have a larger window for in-person appointments than you’ve had in the past.

If you are a client in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas:

There will be no changes to your service except that in-person appointments will now need to be scheduled in advance for times I am in the Valley. Even this is not likely to pose much of a problem, because in-office appointments have dropped off significantly over the last few years as we do more by email, phone, and even video.

For several years now, I have already been traveling back and forth to Colorado and other cities where we have clients, and have already been serving you remotely many times a year, and there have been no issues.

I will be in the Valley for in-person appointments at least twice per year, for about a week each time. Because summers have always very slow times for in-office appointments, and because our Winter Texan clients are here from October – March, I will plan on those visits to occur in late October/November, and again in late February.

If you want an in-person appointment during these times, schedule it! We’ve added a good appointment scheduling program to make this really easy to do, and you’ll get an email reminder before our appointment. Otherwise, I’m always available for phone or video meetings anytime.

Note for RGV Clients: If you want an in-person annual review for 2017, it must be scheduled before February 10, 2017. Since January 1, we’ve sent 3 emails asking you to schedule your annual review appointments so far. The last day for in-person annual review appointments in the Rio Grande Valley for 2017 will be Wednesday, February 15. All other annual review appointments will be conducted via phone or video conference.

The Coffee Club:

Our monthly Coffee Club is a tradition going back almost a decade, and I will be continuing that tradition by hosting it in whatever location I’m in that particular month, and by live-streaming it for the rest of our clients. To make the event more special when I’m in the Rio Grande Valley, we will move the Coffee Club from our Brownsville office to a local restaurant (and yes, breakfast is on me).

Help us help you:

It’s vitally important for our regular communication that I have a valid email address phone number for you. I will be verifying these in my next client service calls. Email is the standard way we communicate with all of our clients now.

Please be sure to follow nVest Advisors on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Google Plus (whichever social media sources you use). We communicate regularly with our clients on social media.

Also, please make sure you are receiving emails from us. Please check your Spam / Junk folder and make sure the emails from nVest Advisors are not going there. “Whitelist” us to make sure your communication channel with us is working!

In conclusion:

I want to thank all of you, from the bottom of my heart, for the opportunity to serve you, and I work very hard every day to earn the trust you’ve placed in me. Technology makes that job easy to do from anywhere in the world. I value not only our professional relationship, but the friendships I have with many of you, and the Valley will always be my second home. While I look forward to going “home” to my own extended family, I cherish and will continue to deepen the bond with my “second family” here in the RGV.

If you have any questions or concerns about this change, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Jeremy Torgerson