Serving Middle America is our Mission

At nVest Advisors, LLC, our mission is to provide financial education, stewardship, coaching and service to middle-income professional individuals, families, and small businesses. 

We accomplish this mission by excellent execution of four specific areas of focus:

  • Low cost professional financial plans with subscription-based plan implementation and ongoing client education.
  • Fully fiduciary investment account management with no account minimums.
  • ERISA and non-ERISA Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plan advisory services.
  • Financial education and advocacy for middle-income earners and small business owners.

We work within our values, always.

Our mission to help average-income families and small businesses is based in our deep-rooted belief that we can do the most good for the most people if we place our own success second to the success of the people who place their trust in us.

We are guided in our mission by keeping true to the values that created and sustain our firm:

  • We pursue excellence in all we do. The size of our audience will grow on its own if excellence is our product.
  • We focus on the health of every area of our company, because growth will naturally follow a healthy foundation.
  • We keep our promises, especially the ones we make to ourselves.
  • We value simplicity, authenticity, and candor.
  • We do the things we don’t like or want to do first.
  • Financial planning and money management is how we profit, but communication, trust, competency, and empathy is our profession.
  • We stay educated and keep our knowledge current so our clients can benefit from our efforts.
  • We work each day as if it’s the most important day for each of our clients.
  • Honesty and integrity are non-negotiable. It takes years to build a reputation, but only seconds to lose it.
  • We work in the spirit of grateful service to our clients, honoring the trust and faith they’ve placed in us.