podcast Have a student nearing college, or thinking about saving for school for yourself? One of the most common financial goals for parents and grandparents, is being able to help your child pay for the increasingly high (and oftentimes ridiculous) costs of a college or university education.

Planning ahead is very important. So is saving in the right way.

In this Money n30 Podcast, CEO Jeremy Torgerson gives you an overview between the various ways to save for college, with special attention paid to the two most common methods:

  • Prepaid Tuition Programs
  • 529 Lump Sum College Savings Plans

He’ll also talk about the often overlooked college savings “life hack”: using a ROTH IRA to help pay for college.

Join us for this 37-minute introduction into college savings plans, and if you have questions, be sure to give us a call or email us.

After the podcast, this booklet of information will go into much more detail, and answer many common questions about 529 college savings plans.

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