podcastThey seem to be in the news every day: investment managers, insurance agents, and stockbrokers found guilty of  Ponzi schemes, theft, fraud, or mishandling your money. Lives ruined. Fortunes lost.

Though there is no sure way to avoid every scheme out there, common sense and a little bit of insight from nVest Advisors’ CEO Jeremy Torgerson can be of help.

In this podcast, we give you 6 tips to help you avoid a sketchy investment situation:

  1. Check your broker’s history. (FINRA Broker Check, and the IARD)
  2. Avoid RIA firms or commissioned advisors/agents who take custody of your money.
  3. Insist on seeing financial records on any firm you want to invest with.
  4. Work with an advisor who acts as a full fiduciary.
  5. Avoid non-traded or thinly-traded investments (non-traded REITS, penny stocks, Promissory Notes, etc.)
  6. Keep your greed in check. That’s where the con men hunt!

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