podcastIn today’s nVest Advisors podcast, we talk about recent news events and the way the media hopes to hold your attention with constant negativity. The unfortunate recent events in Dallas, TX and Orlando, FL are discussed, as well as the Brexit vote.

Three key takeways:

  • Remember the media mantra: “If it bleeds, it leads.” There is much more good going on around us that the media will cover.
  • Emotional reactions to current events is incredibly hazardous to your investments. You must keep your focus on long-term goals at all times, and seek out a financial advisor if you find yourself reacting emotionally to market movements.
  • “This too shall pass. “ Recency bias causes us to feel much stronger emotions to current events, than to much more serious events that happened in the past. Time does tend to heal all wounds, but that misleads us into believing that what is happening now is more impactful than it really is.