We’re open for (your) business.

Although we have a wide variety of clients, nVest Advisors, LLC was built and designed for the unique needs of small business owners.

nVest Advisors, LLC knows the challenges that confront small business owners, because we are one, too!  We know the struggle to reach break-even in the beginning, the challenge of taxes, the juggle of meeting your accounts payable on time.

We’ve lived through good times and bad times as a small business. We know all about the 18 hour days, the marketing deadlines, the employee issues, competitive intrusions, dealing with regulations and working out problems with vendors. We’ve laid awake at night full of worry about our business just like you, and we’ve experienced the incredible satisfaction of watching what we’ve built with our bare hands take flight.

At times you may feel very alone as you grow your business. But you’re not. We’ve been there.

If you own a small business, nVest Advisors, LLC was created specifically for you. Plus, to make ourselves as transparent and impartial as possible, we are a fee-only, fully independent advisory firm, with no corporate hand on our shoulder. In short, we work for our clients, and no one else.

Here are some of the services we offer our small business owner clients:

  • Small business start-up coaching and mentorship

  • Business hardship consultation

  • Coordination with your tax and legal professionals

  • Small business retirement plans, including 401k, SEP and SIMPLE IRAs, defined benefit plans, ERISA 403(b), profit sharing, HSAs.

  • Small business benefits packages employers can offer their employees at little or no cost to the employer, including payroll-deducted IRAs and college savings plans.

  • Business succession and continuation planning

  • Key person life insurance and buy-sell agreements

  • Fee-only (no surrender charge) variable annuities and variable life insurance

  • Much more

If you want a financial advisor who truly understands what you go through as a small business owner (not only academically, but one who actually lives it every day), you’ve come to the right place.