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Understanding TRS & your 403(b) in Texas

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Jeremy Torgerson is the CEO of nVest Advisors, LLC and editor of the financial education site "Think Like A Rich Guy". He's been serving the retirement planning and investing needs of educators and school employees in Texas and Colorado since 2008. Jeremy's planning expertise is retirement planning for individuals and small businesses. He has been quoted in various national media, including "TheStreet.Com", "Rockstar Finance" and "US News & World Report".
  • How the six tiers of the TRS system works
  • How to calculate your exact retirement age, and estimate your monthly pension.
  • What does TRS do to my social security?
  • How to transfer your credits in and out of the TRS system, and buy additional years of service.
  • Will my TRS pension be enough to cover my retirement needs?
  • Things to consider when retiring younger than 65.
  • What the heck are 403(b) and a 457 accounts?
  • How to choose the right supplemental retirement account for your needs.
  • Why you should consider having your 403(b) account with nVest Advisors.