Do well by doing good.

We try hard to make sure our core principles and values are reflected in all that we do for our clients, and we believe you should be able to do the same with your investments.

Whether you are committed to good environmental stewardship, or helping make in impact in impoverished places in the world, or would like your investments to adhere to Biblical principles, we can create an investment model or a custom portfolio that respects and honors the causes and principles that you value.

Help make our world a more beautiful place for everyone.

Whether your passion is recycling, solar or wind energy, sustainable farming, or environmentally-friendly infrastructure, you can have your investment dollars at work in companies committed to making the world a cleaner place.

At nVest Advisors, we can custom-build your portfolio to support renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, smart technology and more.

For many of us, our faith is the defining characteristic of our lives.

It’s the way we live, the way we treat others, and the way we see the world. It can also be the way we put our money to work.

nVest Advisors believes and respects the faith-based client and your strong belief that your money should reflect and support companies and products that share your most personal convictions. We can create a custom portfolio or passive model to do precisely that.

You can help the world and make a profit doing it. It’s called “Impact Investing”.

You can create an investment portfolio that helps build schools for girls in Africa, digs new wells in rural India, increases farming yields in Asia, and helps the homeless right here in America.

If making sure your investments help, not exploit, the less advantaged, we can help. Let us great a custom porfolio or passive model for you that blesses others around the world.

Like all things in life, taking a principled stand sometimes comes with a trade-off. Values-based investors should know and understand that taking a principled stand in how you invest may exclude much of the broader investing market. For most values-based investors, that is a trade-off they understand and accept.

Because the number of available securities that fit a particular value or belief is much smaller than the whole of the investing world, your long-term returns and volatility will likely vary from the broader investment markets. There may also be a limited number of alternative investment choices to act as a replacement for one that is significantly underperforming.

To help make sure you understand the unique advantages and risks of a values-based portfolio, our values-based clients help us create and approve an Investment Policy Statement that specifies your wishes to support specific causes and how much you are willing to let it adversely affect your returns and volatility relative to the broader investment market.