At nVest Advisors, we’re always working to innovate our services to provide better value and lower overall cost to our clients. That includes reviewing our relationships with account custodians on a periodic basis.

With that objective in mind, we’re very excited to bring the brokerage powerhouse TDAmeritrade to nVest Advisors clients!

TDAmeritrade will be our primary custodian for client accounts that require direct supervision and management by their financial advisor (our primary model-based investment custodian will remain Betterment Institutional).

TDAmeritrade brings amazing research and a wide array of tools that will help us do our jobs better for you, in quite amazing ways. From automatic rebalancing, enhanced investment portfolio support, robo features for otherwise traditional accounts, better client billing, and better data integration with our client dashboard, financial plan, and other tools we use with you, we believe you’re going to love the features and benefits of having TDAmeritrade as your new account custodian.

Clients with TradePMR Accounts

As we wind down our affiliation with TradePMR over the rest of 2018, our clients will be invited individually to switch to either a TDAmeritrade or Betterment account program later this year, depending on which custodian is better suited to meet your investing needs. For many of our existing clients, making this move will improve your account service and potentially lower your advisory fee from their current levels. We will review your options and make the decision together which new program will work best for you!

If you have questions or concerns about this exciting new upgrade, please let us know!