Helping middle-income American families and small business owners reach their financial dreams is what we do.

Whether you need a workable financial plan, help managing debt, funding college or retirement, make sure you have adequate insurance, or service and advice on your small business retirement plan, we’re in business to help. Click on any of the following to learn more.

I've never invested before.

Don't let another moment get by without starting. Your future is waiting!

We love working with new investors!

That’s why we allow you to get started simply and inexpensively, and most importantly, with no minimum deposit. Open an investment or IRA account today, and get a human financial advisor, with management fees that can start at less than 1% per year. We’ll walk you through the process of becoming an investor, including giving you lots of education opportunities throughout the year. And, after you’ve gotten started, we’ll work with you to create a financial plan to get you to your goals. Click here for more details.

I need a personal or family financial plan.

Get a low-cost financial plan, whether you invest with us or not.

Plans should build a fortune, not cost one.

Most financial planners charge literally thousands of dollars for a static, one-size-fits-all plan that becomes outdated the minute something in your life changes. Our nVestor LifeCycle Planning program is designed to be relevant now, and then evolve as your life does. And it’s just $99 down and $29 a month. Click here for more info on our low cost financial planning.

I need investment advice and account management.

Competitive, fee-only investment management services is our specialty.

We'll do it without conflicts of interest, commissions, or surrender charges.

The old days of commissions, pushy stockbrokers, and expensive annuities and life insurance are over. As a fee-only, fully fiduciary investment advisor, we’re bound by law to work in your best interests, always. That means cost transparency, quality custodians, no commission-packed investments, and our promise to always do our work with you in mind. Experience the difference! Click here for more info on our investing practices and philosophy.

I want a competitive bid for my company's plan.

We're delighted to bid to become your plan's financial advisor.

401k, 403b, 457, SEP, SIMPLE, and much more.

The legal and regulatory risks for retirement plan sponsors has never been greater. It’s simply not okay to have a plan that is too expensive, doesn’t meet your employees’ needs, or doesn’t have a personal plan advisor for your employees to work with.

At nVest, we’re proud of the ERISA and non-ERISA fully fiduciary advisory services we can give your plan. And we’d love to bid on your current plan, or, if you’re unhappy, show you a new one. Click here for more info.

I'm a CPA / Attorney wanting a referral relationship.

Finding the right advisor for your clients isn't easy.

We know the challenges you face as a CPA to add value to your client service.

We also understand and respect the risk you take in referring your clients to an advisor that doesn’t honor the trust your clients have in you. At nVest, we seek to partner with CPAs and attorneys who want a reciprocal referral relationship and/or a solicitor’s agreement with a fully fiduciary, fee-only, conservative wealth management and financial planning firm. We’d love to meet you and show you how we can make it work. Click here for more info.

Are we the right firm for your family or business? Let’s find out! Give us a call at 888-852-0702 today, or schedule a quick phone or video appointment online to ask your questions and see if nVest Advisors is the right firm for you!