Happy New Year! We wish a year of health, growth, and joy for all of our clients!

Here’s what’s coming to nVest Advisors in the month of January:

January Office Hours

We’re open every day 8:00am to 5:00pm Mountain Time, Monday through Friday, except bank/market holidays.

In January, markets and nVest Advisors will be closed:

  • Tuesday, January 1 for New Year’s Day
  • Monday, January 21, for Martin Luthur King, Jr. Day



Annual Review Appointments

Every year in January, we conduct our annual client review appointments. This is true whether you’ve been a client for all of last year, or started somewhere along the way.

Ahead of each annual review appointment, we send you three specific documents you can review and complete online:

  • Our annual client satisfaction survey. Please take this survey carefully – the information you receive will be customized to you, based on your answers. It’s also very important for us to know what we’re doing well and where we have opportunities to improve.
  • Our Client Information form, so you can review and update any of the important vital info we have that might be inaccurate or has changed in the past year.
  • Our new Risk Tolerance Questionnaire, to make sure you’re still invested properly for your goals and risk tolerances. With market changes the past three months, many of you are realizing that you are more conservative in real-life than you were in theory. We can make investment changes during the annual review, based on this info.

You should have already received the first document – the Satisfaction Survey. This form will let you schedule your annual review appointment at the same time you complete it. Once you’ve done that, we’ll send the other forms for you to complete.


Launch of nVestMe.Com

We’ve created a new website just for folks who are plan participants (employees) of the 401k, 403b, and other employer-sponsored plans we manage as the plan advisor. Be sure to check it out!


Changes to our client agreements

When we launched nVest Advisors in October 2015, we kept the tradition of providing financial planning services with investment management. Basically, if you had an investment account with us, you got the financial planning services included.

What 3 years has taught us is that:

  1. Many investment clients have not used or wanted financial plans.
  2. Many clients with very few invested assets spent a great deal of time in the planning process.

So, we decided to break these two offers up. We will still honor old client agreements, but going forward, we will offer financial planning and investment management as separate services, with separate fees. If a client chooses to have both services, we offer the financial planning at a discount, eventually making it free (like for our existing clients), once their investment accounts reach a total of $50,000 or more.


What this means to existing clients:

If you do not yet have a financial plan, get one! It’s still free for you, regardless of your account balance. However, if you don’t believe you need one at the present time and are only using us for investing, consider changing your current client agreement to a new one. You may save money by switching to just investment management services.


All clients will receive access to nVest Academy:

nVest Advisors CEO Jeremy Torgerson is launching an outside venture that nVest Advisors clients will have free and unlimited access to!

nvestacademy.com, will launch June 1, 2019, and will be a virtual classroom for investment skills, financial know-how, and much more. This new website will host live and on-demand workshops and courses on a wide variety of investing and financial subjects.

All nVest Advisors clients will have access to all of the offerings at nVest Academy, free of charge. We’ll automatically add you to the nVest Academy mailing list, once it goes live in February, so you can be kept informed.


Only two emails a month (with a few exceptions)

We know you get bombarded with too many emails, and certainly not just from us.

To help “clean up” the amount of communication you receive from us, we’ve opted to change the way we communicate with you in 2019. Here’s what you’ll receive:

  1. One basic client/plan participant monthly newsletter, near the end of the month
  2. One “What’s happening around here” kind of email, on the 15th of the month

Now, we can’t promise you won’t get other communications from us (or your investment account custodian) throughout the month, so here are the exceptions to this new rule:

  1. Account-specific communication between us.
  2. Weekly or monthly performance emails from our portal, Blueleaf.
  3. Market or economic alerts

If that’s not enough contact for you, may we suggest a couple of ways you can get more informed:

  1. Follow nVest Advisors on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Also, subscribe to the nVest Advisors YouTube channel (we’re starting live YouTube weekly broadcasts next week!)
  2. Download the nVest Advisors smartphone app, MyWealthAdvisor

We wish you all a wonderful January!